Ti anode
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Grade: Gr1, Gr2
Application: electrolysis water machine
Detailed introduction

Coating thickness:
Platinum: 0.3-1um; Ruthenium-iridium: 3-5um     

The titanium electrode/titanium anode for electrolysis water machine adopting classical coating will generate acid and alkaline ionized water during electrolysis process of water; multiple strong oxidization materials such as O3, H2O2 and HCLO exist in the water, and the anode is frequently reversed; therefore, an electrode with special function is required. Functioning as anode for electrolysis water machine, the titanium anode has the following advantages:

(1) Excellent electrical conductivity; the pH value is 0.5-1 higher under same electrolysis power;
(2) Strong corrosion resistance; the substrate processed by sand blasting has excellent binding force; and the coating will not strip off in large area even the electrode is invalid and inactivated;
(3) Excellent mechanical intensity and processing performance; application of single sheet painting process ensures that accordance of each electrode coating is 98%; 
(4) Long service life, having electrolysis service life from 5 years to 10 years;
(5) Excellent electro-catalysis performance